Carb Caps

Carb Caps are the key to low temperature dabbing and bringing out the flavor of your concentrates when dabbing with titanium. If you've ever felt like Goldilocks struggling to dab when your nail isn't too hot (decreasing the potency and destroying the flavor) or too cold (which decreases vaporization and wastes concentrate), a carb cap will get your dab just right.

When you place the carb cap over your just-glowing, heated nail, a heat vortex is created. This helps spread the heat evenly to all parts of the nail, which vaporizes your concentrate, stops the formation of lumps, and preserves taste.  Your nail also retains heat, allowing you to take multiple dabs after only heating the nail once. 

Our Titen Crown Carb Caps are a perfect fit for Titen and Highly Educated domeless nails. Titen carb caps are best sellers on 420 Titanium and listed as one of the best deals for the price on their Carb Caps: Ultimate Buying Guide. Test them out yourself today!